• Abbi Schultz

Reliving your wedding day on your anniversary

Yesterday was mine and Ben’s second wedding anniversary. Due to good ole Covid, our original plans which included a little getaway were cancelled and we were forced to be creative with how we celebrated. Let me just say, this anniversary is one I will never forget. It was truly special.

We decided to revisit our wedding day as much as we could, and it was truly magical. So, I thought I would put together this list of fun ways you and your spouse can relive your wedding day, reminisce, and cry all the happy tears remembering the best day of your life.

Make a toast- Save your wedding champagne flutes and pull them out on your anniversary. Trust me, making a special toast with those flutes will take you right back to that day.

Bouquet- Have your wedding florist recreate your wedding bouquet! You can even take a photo of your wedding flowers to a local florist and have them make a similar arrangement. It such a romantic gesture and it will be sure to make you smile every time you look at it.

Guestbook- Pull it out, pour an ice-cold drink, and read all the well wishes from your family and friends. It is seriously so heartwarming.

Signature drinks- Either recreate your signature drinks at home or be sure to order them at a restaurant. We had his and hers cocktails at our wedding, so my husband and I ordered one of each and it was so fun to relive those memories.

Wedding details- Sometimes the little details you put into your wedding are things you can reuse on your anniversary. For example, we had custom cocktail napkins made for cocktail hour at our wedding. We saved the extras and use them on our anniversary. Little details like this make your anniversary so special.

Get dressed up- Save your wedding day perfume and wear it on your anniversary. Your sense of smell is linked to your memory. Wearing that perfume will take you back to the day and maybe even give you the butterflies you had when putting it on for the first time. Wearing your wedding day jewelry is another great idea! You can even pull out your stunning wedding shoes that you probably never thought you’d wear again!

Revisit your venue- If you can, revisiting the place where it all began is the best way to bring you back to that special day. Have dinner there, recreate your wedding day menu, and relish in all the all the memories. Book a night’s stay in the hotel you stayed at on your wedding night. Or order-in at home with the catering company you used. There are so many ways you can take yourself back to your big day.

Eat all the treats- Ask your bakery about having your wedding cake (on a smaller scale) recreated for you on your anniversary! Sure, you can save your top tier, but a fresh cake is a lot tastier if you ask me! You can also indulge in any other wedding treats or late-night snack you had your big day. We had our very favorite Stans Donuts as a special treat on our wedding night, so you bet we get yummy donuts every anniversary!

Journal- You guys I can’t emphasize enough how special it is to journal your wedding day! A few days after, when things settle down, take the time to journal everything! If you are planning your wedding with me, you know how much I emphasize this! I know it sounds tedious but re-reading it on your anniversary will have you ugly crying your eyes out! It. Is. So. Worth. It. Mine may be a few pages way too long, but the little things I wrote down I would have never remembered, and it seriously is just SO special to re-read it!

Cheers my friends! I hope this helps make anniversaries a little more special, especially in these weird times. And babe, if you're reading this, thank you for making yesterday so amazing!

{wedding photos: C Tyson Photography}