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Realistic Cost Saving Ideas for Wedding Planning

Let’s be real, weddings are expensive and money post-holidays can be tight! You might be frantically googling how to save money on your wedding right about now and let me guess, the number one thing you find is “CUT YOUR GUEST LIST!” Well at this point, your guest list might already be pretty set in stone and you're desperate for some other creative ideas! Let me help you out!


Ask yourself, what is the most important aspect when it comes to planning your wedding? You do not need to spend the maximum amount with every vendor you hire. Are photos extremely important? Heck yeah hire your favorite photographer you’ve been insta-stalking for months now! Are you a really picky eater and food isn’t that important? Make simpler food selections or maybe pick a combo meal. All I’m trying to say is do what makes you happy; prioritize what’s important to you!


One large sign with the order of events can save you a lot of money versus printing out individual programs for your guests. This idea can be applied to many other areas in the planning process too. You can have one large sign for your menu, instead of a menu at each place setting. You can also have a calligrapher design a gorgeous sign for your seating chart and save lots of money by not having escort cards. Design a large mirror or acrylic sign and you’re adding a gorgeous statement to your wedding look!


Finding yourself wanting a specific look for a couple hundred bucks less? Don’t be shy to ask! Your florist is a PRO, they can scale down a look to fit your budget, they can offer suggestions of a similar flower that is more affordable, and they can do this without taking away from the overall grand look of your wedding! Using greenery is such a simple way to save some money and keep the look classy and elegant! Also, alternating the size of your centerpieces is a great cost saving tip and even gives the room more dimension. I mean it when I say, trust trust trust your florist and all of your vendors! They are there to help you!


Getting creative is a great way to save you some money when it comes to wedding planning! Is there anywhere you can think “two for one?” For example, can your escort cards also serve as a favor? Really wanting a special late night snack such as donuts? Don’t worry, those can also serve as your favor for your guests! No need to find something else for favors! Set them out as guests are slowly heading out, provide to-go bags, and boom you have a favor and a late-night snack! Do you have menus at each place setting and have assigned guest seating? Instead of having 250 menus and 250 name cards, put the guests' names on the menus. This saves you money and adds a great personal touch. I’m serious, people are going to think that menu was personalized just for them!


If possible, having your ceremony and reception at one location will save you lots of money. You will cut down your need for transportation. You won’t have to worry about transporting any florals and décor from point A to point B and any transfer costs that may come with this. You are also saving on any extra transportation costs from other vendors. If this is possible, it can greatly save you money!

Happy Planning!


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