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A name with a meaning

You may be wondering, why Lighthouse Weddings and Events? Lighthouses hold a special place is my heart.

I grew up loving lighthouses, but I loved more than the look of them, more than the beautiful locations they were in; l loved the meaning of them and the significance they had in my life. Growing up, I would often visit my parents' winter home in Florida. It became tradition to wake up before the sun, go to the beach and watch the sunrise over the lighthouse. I would share these moments with my mom, dad, friends, other family members, and as I grew up, I would share it with my now husband. It was our place, where we would start the day with a clear mind, and where we would share so many laughs, talks, and dreams for life. I loved sharing my special place with the people I loved.

This beautiful place became even more special in 2017 when my husband proposed at sunrise, in front of the lighthouse, and with our families there on the beach. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Little did I know this lighthouse would become even more meaningful, but in order for you to understand I have to give you some background.

In college, I received my Bachelors in Recreation Therapy. I then went on to earn my Masters in Business Administration. I loved what I did working with Special Olympic athletes and I felt I was following my passion in helping others. Weddings were always in the back of my mind. I grew up the youngest of 4 and helped plan all of my siblings' weddings. I was that little girl who was a bride for Halloween way too many years in a row. I could go on, but let’s just say weddings were something I always adored. While earning my MBA, I often dreamt of owning my own business and just going out against the “norm” to do what truly made me happy.

I felt this pressure out of college, that everyone knew exactly what they were going to be doing for the rest of their life. I felt stuck; I knew what I loved, I knew what made me happy, I just needed the courage to go out and do it. I planned my wedding, and yes it may sound cliché, but holy cow did I fall more in love with weddings than I ever thought possible. I also fell in love with the wedding industry as a whole and I was blown away at the passion each and every vendor had. I was impressed and amazed at the way they worked together and became a team to help make the best day ever for the couple. I knew I wanted to be a part of that uplifting community.

I had a wedding planner myself for my wedding, and I can whole heartedly say that she is the reason that my wedding day was beyond perfect. She allowed me to truly soak in every second of the day and enjoy even the smallest most meaningful moments. I remember thinking that day, wow every single bride deserves someone like this.

I went off on a limb and decided you have to pursue what makes your heart happy. I decided to become a Certified Wedding Planner. When I was looking into the conferences held by The Bridal Society, they were in many large cities which, not going to lie, intimidated me. I was then completely shocked to see there was a certification course in Lighthouse Point, Florida, the exact small town where that special lighthouse was, where I grew up watching the sunrise, and where my husband proposed. I honestly felt the biggest meant to be moment. I would be starting this new journey at the place that meant so much to me.

I went on to get my certification and I pursued wedding planning full time. I poured my heart and soul into the wedding industry and I have truly never been happier. It’s crazy to think how life comes full circle, and how much significance this one lighthouse had in my life. The purpose of a lighthouse is to use the light to guide ships home. The lighthouse in my life has truly been such a source of guidance, it has shared some of the most meaningful moments in my life and has allowed me to find my passion and purpose. This lighthouse helped me find my niche or home in this crazy world. It has helped me realize that it’s totally okay to step out of your comfort zone, chase your dreams and just go for it! I now hope to pass that meaning on to my clients, to help guide them through the wedding planning process, to be their “light,” and most of all have the best wedding day ever to kick off a lifetime together!

So that’s my story. That’s the reason behind the name. And if you take anything out of this, it should be to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and do what sets your heart on fire!

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