What We Offer

Our packages are completely customizable to meet your exact needs and where you are in the wedding planning process. Let's talk and see what is best for you! We also have a-la-carte and add-on services, be sure to ask about these! 


Perfectly Planned

You've hired your vendors and know exactly what you want, but you just need a little helping hand to make sure the day runs smoothly. Let me take the stress off your mom or sister and allow everyone to enjoy the day! 

I will meet with you 3 months in advance to ensure your Best Day Ever goes perfectly. 


Stunning and Memorable

You've been dreaming of this day forever. You know what you want, in fact you may have some vendors already booked, you just need some direction. Allow me to guide you through this process and be there for you when things get tricky!


Lively and Fun

Girl, just sit back and let me do the hard stuff for you! Whether you are too busy or maybe just don't know where to begin, this inclusive package is for you! I will make your dream wedding a reality and you won't have to worry one bit, how nice does that sound? From design concept, to your grand exit, and every detail in between, I have you covered!

Get in touch today and let’s work together to create a memorable and special event that is uniquely yours!

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