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Lighthouse Weddings & Events is a boutique wedding planning firm run by Abbi Schultz, a Certified Wedding Planner. We are whole heartedly committed to making sure your Big Day is everything you have ever wanted and it is our mission to help you share your unique love story through your wedding day. We will make sure you are enjoying every second of the wedding planning process, allowing Lighthouse Weddings to deal with the stress and details. We will be there for you from day one, supporting you, guiding you, and simply just doing the hard stuff so you can be having the time of your life!

Servicing Rockford, Illinois and the surrounding Western Chicago Suburbs 

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"All you need is love, some bubbly, and a really great wedding planner!"

- Lighthouse Weddings & Events

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  • Weddings are my PASSION, I can promise you I will put my whole heart into planning your perfect day and making sure it's seamless

  • I am dedicated to staying up to date in the wedding industry, staying ahead of the trends, and will offer you endless, honest advice

  • I have a collection of one-of-a-kind rentals that will be sure to add some fun personalization to your event

  • I have incredible connections with professionals to ensure you are getting only the best of the best vendors on your big day

  • Our amazing partnerships will offer you exclusive discounts, such as Kleinfeld Bridal Party, BBJ Linen, Minted, Generation Tux, and Basic Invite 

  • You have unlimited contact with me, all of your questions answered

  • I will schedule and attend meetings with you, create a master timeline for your big day, and manage all the small and big details 

  • I will be there to coordinate your rehearsal and make sure everything runs smoothly

  • I'll be there for you every step of the way, whether you need a shoulder to cry on when planning gets tough, an ear to listen, or someone to POP THE BUBBLY!


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